Life Update | NYC moving date, babies, and making a BIG change



| Jacket: Zara/similar | Jeans: Zara |Top: Zara | Belt: Gucci | Shoes: Gucci |

Okay so its been a month and I haven’t been on here for so many reasons that I am about to get into and explain. Before I do that I’ll break down my life for the past few months and why I’ve been MIA…

  1. I’m moving to NYC in less than a month
  2. I am going to be an Aunt
  3. I am also going to be a maid of honor
  4. I have thrown myself into youtube
  5. We sold my childhood home

Honestly I could keep going, but some things are even more personal then the 5 above. So lets chat…


thats right I’m moving to the big apple and I am nervous, excited, and a little stressed out. I am going to NYC May 8th-12th so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my youtube channel to see all of my NYC adventures. I will be getting my apartment during that trip and moving the last week of May. I can’t wait!!!


Yes you read that right, I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!

My sister and Fiancé  are expecting a baby boy this September and our family is so thankful and blessed for this little miracle. If you don’t know my sister has been through hell and back with autoimmune diseases and is finally in a good place with all her medical illnesses. It was always a scary thought that carrying her own kids wouldn’t be in the picture, but thankfully God has blessed Ashlyn, Andrew, and everyone around them with a miracle. Oh and the best part, his name will be Easton Wayne Lightfoot.


Staying on the subject of Ashlyn and Andrew, They are getting married!!! The will be saying ‘I do’ on July 13, 2019! Of course I will be the maid of honor lol…it will be so beautiful and so much is already in the works. They have secured a beautiful venue and Ashlyn has found the most stunning wedding dress. TBH I don’t know how she did it, but she looked amazing in every dress.


I’m sure y’all know that I have gotten into Youtube…I love it and all of my supporters on that platform are so sweet and I care about them sooo much!! If you aren’t already go check out my channel and subscribe here . I post new videos every Tuesday and Friday.


Sadly we had to say bye to my childhood home, I won’t get into too much detail but we are all moving on to new chapters in our lives and felt that staying in Katy wasn’t part of our next beginning as a family. I was really sad to not have our beautiful home for family events and holidays, but home is where family is and whether we are in a childhood home or a different state its the love and constant laugh that makes it a good time!


That wraps up todays blog post and if y’all want more then just let me know anything specific y’all want to see!

Quote of the week

” He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”

XO, Lovie

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