10 shows that HAVE to binge

Hey y’all!! So I have exciting news!!! I got my official acceptance letter into LIM which makes it feel so real and I am so so excited!!!!!! Any ways here are my 10 binge worthy shows…

  1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager

I am currently watching this show so of course it has to be my number 1…I am starting the last season and I honestly love it. It will make you laugh and cry so hard. Must watch, plus it will bring you back to the early 2000s.


2. Pretty Little Liars

I always have and always will have an obsession with PLL and if you stopped watching its after season 2 or 3 then go back and watch it because it really does have a twisted ending…


3. The Vampire Diaries

Okay so by now you kind of get that I love the teen soap type of shows but I swear there will be other types in this post LOL. TVD is something that I honestly have watched sooo many times and it never gets old!!


4. Gossip Girl

I finally finished this over Christmas Break and yeah it gets boring somewhere between season 4 and 5, but trust me once you get through it you won’t regret it.


5. How to get away with murder

This show made me want to be a lawyer…actually it just made me want to go to law school. This is an addictive show.


6. Big Little Lies

So this show would be in my top 3, but its only on HBO and theres only one season. Amazing news they are coming out with a season 2, this show only has 10 episodes, but omg you will finish it in one day!!!


7. 13 reasons why

I watched this in 2 days and prepare to cry like a big baby…the last episode is very graphic and I know a lot of people just watched parts of it, but I think the story was told very well and I can’t wait for season 2


8. The hills

If you love fashion and drama then this reality show is for you…I bought every season and I still watch my favorite episodes every few weeks. LC is my girl crush


9. The 100

This show is for anyone who loves dystopian shows/movies this show still aires so I am not so patiently waiting for it to come back on…


10. The good place

Last but not least!! I freaking love this show and honestly I forgot it was on Netflix until I got to the end, but go go go watch it!!!



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