How to Start a Blog & Make Money!

How to start a blog


Hey babes! So as you all know I have really jumped into the youtube world, but of course I am going to s†ick to blogging! I think blogging is such an amazing platform for everyone, you don’t need a fancy camera, or even to be a great writer! If you are in college, and are going through a bunch of new amazing changes maybe creating a blog to document them would be a good idea! If you want it to be private you can always privatize your posts only for you!

Youtube has been so much fun, and definitely something I have been really working hard at! I don’t want to get distracted from blogging since this is what started my passion for these online platforms! I encourage everyone to find their niche, and if you love to write and photograph then try blogging! If you love to be on camera, and are into videography then try YT!

This is a sign to anyone who is wanting to start going after their goal, it doesn’t have to be blogging or YT, it could be cooking, fitness, modeling, literally anything…start pursuing it! Don’t wait until tomorrow, start today, start now!

For any of y’all that are interested to hear more about blogging I linked my newest youtube video above where I talk all about my experiences and how to make money while blogging!

Lots of love xo!


“All of the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.”


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