Hey Babes! So the other day I was watching my favorite youtuber, Kalyn Nicholson, she does more lifestyle videos( shes amazing, I love her) Anyways, She does this thing on youtube called youtober…you know…like October! The other day on one of her youtober videos she did a fall bucket list so she inspired me to create my own! I challenge all of you to just try mine or create your own and attempt it all before winter!

  1. Halloweentown Marathon– Halloweentown was my all time favorite movie series as a child during fall! I actually own them all and am one movie down two to go!
  2. Carve/Decorate Pumpkins– I love to carve pumpkins, but this year I want to make some really cute and chic pumpkins! So I will do those first and if I have enough time carve actual pumpkins!!
  3. Decorate for Fall– The other day while I was in Austin visiting my parents, my mom and I went to Target to get some Fall decor for our houses, and I got a few cute little things and I love the look it has given my room!
  4. Bake Pumpkin Something– Haha so I have never made pumpkin bread or pumpkin pancakes and i have been really wanting to attempt to make both, You don’t have to bake those, but I do recommend baking something!
  5. Haunted House– I love going to haunted houses and attractions like that, I am trying to figure out which house I want to go to! I am so excited!!
  6. Order a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte– Okay so I know this is basic, but I have NEVER had a pumpkin spice latte and I am finally going to get one this year!! I have always been to nervous to get one, but I am doing it!
  7. Sweater shopping– Nothing is better then putting on a cozy sweater while laying in a comfy cozy bed while shopping online for comfy sweaters!


Hopefully y’all got some inspo from this for your fall time festivities! lots of love!!

|Quote of the Week|

“All of the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.”


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