7 Essential Make up Trends for Fall


Goodmorning Babes! So since I am currently dreaming of 60 degree weather instead of 90 degree weather while wearing a sweater and drinking hot cocoa, I thought why not keep the fall trend going until it actually makes an appearance! 

The Perfect Fall Lip Color

I am obsessed with bright red lips with a wing, I don’t know if its how classic it is but also very sultry I just love it! Sadly I can’t pull of that color very well like it has to be the perfect shade and trust me I’ve tried! I just ordered this Beauty Bakerie lip color and this is great for so many skin tones so for my red lip girls, this is for you!

Light Foundation VS Full Coverage Foundation

Its not even a question or a competition between the two, Full coverage is going out for the rest of the year! Keep it nice and light when it comes to foundation and rosy up your cheeks because that will be taking over the streets come fall!

Monochromatic, enough said   

How easy and fast is a monochromatic look? If you don’t know what color you should do for this all over look, then look no further because the answer your looking for is MAUVE! Stay light handed with this deep pink on your lips, cheeks, and eyes!

Interrupted Eyeliner

 Yes I know it sounds very strange…interrupted…eyeliner…You heard me right! The best way to wear the every day is to do half of your bottom lash line, but what i’ve seen during fashion week is them breaking up the eyeliner into two sections! Honestly its hard to explain so you can see what Im talking about here !

Have a good weekend, Lots of Love!


|Quote of the Week|

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.”


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