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Long time no talk angels! I absolutely love blogging and being in contact with all of y’all! So this past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to go down to Katy, TX and help out in peoples homes, donate all kinds of supplies, and meet our fearless soldiers! I traveled down there from Dallas with 14 cases of water, so much food you would think I was preparing for dooms day, and 10 gallons of gas! I love the opportunity to help, but what makes it better is everyone helps everyone down there and no one expects to receive anything in return!

Driving through Old Katy was extremely hard! Its like our own Friday Night Lights town next to newer Katy that the rest of us live in! Tears streamed down everyones face as soon as they entered Old Katy, every business and every home was torn apart! I have always loved and thanked my parents for raising me in such a diverse and city/country town! It is very eye opening, but I have never been more proud to be fro my little big city! All I have left to say to everyone who has been affected or lives in the affected areas, y’all are the best people I have and will ever meet! Sending all my love and prayers down south!

|Quote of the Week|

“Anythings possible if you got enough nerve.”



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