Relieving Stress In The Most Stressful Times



| Top: Wooden Arrow Boutique |

Goodmorning Angels! So before I get into this post we need to take a second a get serious! This past week has been absolutely devastating to everyone involved in Hurricane Harvey, I grew up in Katy which is a sub outside of Houston and so many people have lost their homes and everything they own! Anything helps and when there is devastation we need to put aside our differences and come together! Go here  and please donate! This is the time to go through your closet and give!

Now with everything going on I am sure it is stressful so I am here to give some advice and motivation!

Taking a chill pill- When I mean taking a chill pill I mean crawl in bed and crack open my computer and watch make up videos or read blog posts! This seriously gets my mind off of all stress in my life and helps me to truly calm down! You can try just turning on a movie or picking a show off of Netflix at random and see if you like it tis is great for keepig your mind busy!

Organization is your new bestie- School and even work can be extremely stressful, but to avoid having a panic attack when trying to study or find a pen is to get everything you need before school starts! Don’t wait until it has already started to go to target because odds are everything will be picked over! A good study tip is get colored pens and color coat your notes so that they are more appealing to look at haha!

Reading a magazine is still reading- I love reading books, they will take your mid to a new place and it really helps connect with your creativity! Lately though I have been really into reading mags and not trash mags…I mean Vogue, Harpers, Elle, etc. They have some incredible articles in there not just on fashion but on our world!

Three is company- Having any kind of animal is so amazing! They are innocent and pure creatures that love you unconditionally! These are my sisters dogs, but they have become my babies! Maybe I am having a tough day, I come home and they just show so much love and affection and it can truly turn your day around! If you don’t have any animals, maybe think about adoption(if you can afford and can take on the responsibility) If not then go volunteer at a shelter!

These are all things I live by when it comes to calming down after a long hard day! I hate to admit this, but I am not a “chill” person, I am a perfectionist and I let it get the best of me sometimes! We all take the little things for granted and sometimes just taking a deep breath and calming down can help you see the bigger picture!

This post was sponsored by the amazing and lovely Wooden Arrow Boutique! This boutique is so adorable and has the sweetest people! This top is so comfy and I actually wore it all day running errands and got several people giving me compliments of it! It can be dressed up or down, which is perfect for all my college girls out there! Definitely go check them out!!

Hopefully everyone is safe and feeling all the love that is spreading! Lots of love!!

| Quote of the Week |

“Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”



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