Let the Shopping Begin…

A New Design (5)


Hello lovlies! What a week it has been, amiright? I am so ready for the weekend so I can relax and not worry about all the stresses in my life! I know a lot of y’all live in Texas and will probably be stuck in the house this weekend! so why not crack open the computer and start ordering your fall uniforms? I know I will! All of these are definite staples for fall! When I was in California I found a hat just like #3 and I love it! Don’t get me wrong I love my suede floppy hats, but this will be so much easier! The 70’s is coming so go ahead and invest in some awesome flares for fall! I haven’t heard much on cheetah, but I am going to try and bring it back…emphasis on the “try” haha! Hopefully y’all found this useful and liked a few of my picks for fall! Have a great weekend ladies! No blog post monday, I won’t be able to shoot this weekend, but I have a super fun post for next wednesday all ready to go! Lots of love!

| Quote of the Week |

” We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”



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