My Everyday Workout Routine

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Good morning and happy Friday ladies! Time to weekend and by weekend I mean workout haha! I have had a lot of people requesting this post! So i’ll start by going through my week! Before I start I am going to give a disclaimer, I am in no way a fitness guru and I really just do what works best for me! I’m sure I will have people tell me that I do this or that wrong when it comes to the gym, but honestly everyones bodies are different, whether its what you can handle or how you eat! Just remember one size does not fit all and that’s okay!

I go to the gym 7 days a week, unless I have work the next morning then the day before I will do a two a day! I have become very committed to going to the gym every morning, and I slack off and get lazy I push and do much more later in the day at the gym! I start my gym workout with cardio, I am obsessed with the elliptical and I use the one that has an incline and I bring it to its max! I prefer to ride a bike, but not in the gym I rather ride outside on an actual bike! Riding a bike is how I lost 20 lbs in about 4 months!

I do about 20 minutes of cardio sometimes more sometimes less, but I do it every day! I have found a new show called shadow hunters that I am obsessed with, and I set it up on my machine and watch it while I get my cardio done and it honestly makes the time fly! After cardio I move on the my “Pinterest Workouts” as I like to call them! I rarely do all the exercises on there in one day, but I push my body and do as much as I can, I always do the amount of sets and reps it asks for!

After those workouts I will move on to doing arms and abs or leg day! Sometimes I do so much that after just doing my Pinterest workouts I am done for the day! Sometimes though I have it in me and am able to push myself a little harder! Now if you don’t know workouts are 20% and what you eat is 80%! I am an organic freak lol! I prefer Vegan and Organic, some people think its stupid but a lot of things that aren’t organic are full of GMOs and harmful cancer causing chemicals! I am not going to ever tell someone what they eat or how they workout is wrong because trust me I am not perfect, but look into having a healthy food lifestyle over a healthy gym lifestyle, you will see a difference in long term effects!

I am always trying to do better with eating clean and working out, but its okay to have a cookie or ice cream, don’t let yourself over indulge, just have a little less over time! Sorry for the long post and remember if you disagree with what I do then thats okay! Hopefully this helped anyone who is wanting to starting eating healthy, or start working out! Lots of love!


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” I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received.”



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