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Its finally the weekend woohoo! As y’all are reading this I am traveling back up to Dallas from Katy, but I had to get my Friday post in before I left! I was overwhelmed by the amount of questions I received( in a good way haha ) I will most likely have to divide this up because this post will be way to long if I answer all of y’alls questions right now! If I didn’t answer you’re question then I will soon, promise! 🙂

What foundation do you use?

I use  The Hourglass Stick Foundation and it’s seriously amazing! I don’t use it everyday since it is very full coverage, but a cheaper option that doesn’t have the same consistency but is still amazing is the Loreal Infallible PRO-Glow, which you can get at any drug store!

Do you have eyelash extensions? 

Nope! I actually get this a lot from strangers I meet in person, but no I don’t, my dad actually has really REALLY long lashes and I get them from him! Sometimes on a special occasion or when I just don’t feel like taking my time with mascara I will pop on some Ardell 122 Wispies!

Where do you buy your workout clothes?

I am working on a very in depth, two part blog post about working out and eating healthy, but for now I’ll answer this question! I am a lulu lemon junky, and yes I know its expensive, thats why I only buy off the sale rack! Thats one of my big things about lulu, I refuse to buy anything full price, I only have one top that was full price, but other then that I only purchase on the sale rack or Poshmark! Other places I buy from are normal nike, adidas, and under armour! The best place to get good workout clothes for a steal is Old Navy! Yes, Old Navy has some great workout attire for cheap!

What do you use to edit your pictures?

I use Lightroom, which you can download through the app store!


Hopefully this helped answer just a few of y’alls questions! Lots of love!

| Quote of the Week |

“Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.”


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