DIY: HAT RACK + Motivation


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Happy Friday Gals! Since I recently moved and had a chance to experiment and have fun with my room, I really wanted to do a DIY! I got the inspiration from Aspyn Ovards youtube channel! If you go back a few months you will be able to find it and she also has a few other fun DIYs in the same video! I first got command hooks and then about 2 or 3 days later the whole thing came falling down…so I had to get screw in hooks and they work and look so much better, so get those and not command hooks! I love fun and easy DIYs because I love that sense of accomplishments and seeing the before and after!

Speaking of accomplishments I watched this video on youtube by Kalyn Nicholson where she talks about motivation, and she says that if you start your day of with a simple task like making your bed or making a nutritious breakfast, you will feel more motivated to keep up with the rest of your tasks for the day! I have started making my bed every morning before the gym and it really does help and it also keeps you from crawling back in bed after working out instead of actually getting stuff done LOL!

Hopefully this was helpful or y’all got some inspiration from todays post! If you decide to do the Hat Rack please send a picture! I would love to see it, and if you find it helpful to perform a simple task in the morning please let me know as well! Lots of love! Tune in next week for workout gear, hair tutorial, and a super fun post 😉

| Quote of the Week |

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”


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