Pink Gingham + Life Updates


| Outfit Details |

| Top: Saks | Jeans: SimilarSimilar | Shoes: SimilarSimilar | Purse: Valentino | Bracelet: Wrapped. by sav | Sunnies: Prive Revaux |

Happy Friday everyone!! Welcome to the weekend! So with the Nordstrom sale starting I assumed no one would want to see my wish list from the sale since every blogger is doing the same thing right now! So since gingham is going to take over embroidery very soon I had to purchase this adorable and very summery top last week on a shopping adventure in Saks! At first when I tried this top on I thought okay this is really weird, but then my mom pointed out that I should tie the bow in the front I loved it and it made the top 10x better! Such a super cute summer top! Next week I will post my wish list for Nordstrom once everything calms down!

So next week I will be moving up to Dallas next and I’m so excited, but really nervous! I moved up a lot of stuff this week so that I don’t have that much to bring up next week! Also I have to give a little shout out to Dylan for being my amazing photographer 🙂     Lots of love!

| Quote Of The Week |

“Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day.”


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