IMG_5923IMG_5924Under Eye Mask – Francescas | Coffee Bean Mask – FrancescasIMG_5920

Milk – Francescas | Pearl – Francescas | Honey – Francescas IMG_5921All Masks purchased at SephoraIMG_5922All Masks purchased at Target, Que BellaShea Moisture

Good Morning and happy wednesday everyone! So for the past week/week and a half I have been trying out tons of face masks with the help on some other people because lets be real there is no way I could give any real opinion on each one in a week! So I have now accumulated an genuine opinion of what masks are the best and what are not the best! I will be going in order of the photos above…

The Korean Face and Under Eye Mask- Hmm how do I put this? I hate these! I know hate is strong but I have sensitive skin so this was definitely a risk of breaking out from trying so many different types of masks! These made my skin itch and became very inflamed and irritated! Also you have to lay flat with this masks…which I don’t have time for lol! It falls off the face so easy which is not something I will be purchasing again! The under eye mask also did nothing to brighten, or de-puff the eye! I don’t recommend this brand!

MILK, PEARL, AND HONEY- These masks are really good and also kinda okay! The Milk mask is by far the best and gives the best results and will sadly be the only one I would rebuy! The pearl and honey didn’t do what they claimed they would on the masks! They just felt like water on my face, but not really very hydrating! I really wanted to love all these and its not that they are bad, but they also aren’t very good! I only recommend the Milk Mask!

Sephora Masks- When I first had the idea to try out facial masks, I really wanted to see if Sephoras masks would be 10x better then every mask i try or if they would be okay! I genuinely love and have loved every Sephora mask I have ever tried! In comparison to the Francescas masks these are way better and so much more hydrating and do everything they claim on the package! The one bad thing about these which my mom and I both tried are under eye masks from the Sephora brand and they didn’t do anything! So I definitely recommend these masks if you’re into sheet masks and I am obsessed now with the hair hair masks and I am going to start using them once every week- two weeks!

Target Masks- OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE!! By far my favorite of them all is the Shea Moisture brand, but even the Que Bella masks are amazing! They were the cheapest of all the masks i’m pretty sure! They were very hydrating and all the claims were true, I personally love clay/mud masks so these are heaven to me! 100% will be going to Target to stock up on these LOL!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I love doing this and I want to keep doing this! Y’all are so amazing and so sweet! Lots of Love going out to all of you today!

| Quote Of The Week |

“Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day.”



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