June Favorites

A New Design (1)

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So I am so excited to start this on my blog, my monthly favorites! I always enjoy reading other bloggers or watching youtubers monthly favorite videos so I thought what better then something that can be helpful to any of you looking for new products whether its skincare or apparel! I actually haven’t worn number one yet, but I think i’m going to today and make it into a blog post! I am in love with number 6 and y’all will see me wearing these a lot, i’m sure!

In other exciting news we have officially booked our girls trip to California next month! I am super excited since I haven’t been in like 3 years so I can’t wait to go back and just have so much fun! I will be going right before college starts so that will be a nice ending to my summer! I actually was at Sams the other day and found this luggage set by nicole miller! I definitely recommend getting this at Sams if you have a membership there because it is such a great deal! Now I am even more excited to use my new suitcase next month!! Are y’all going on any fun vacays this summer?

Thanks so much!

| Quote of the Week |

” Your speed doesn’t matter forward is forward.”


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