Holiday Festivities


| Shorts: Forever 21 | Swim Top: Target | Sunnies: Prive Revaux | Bandana: Similar |

Happy Humpday everyone! Hopefully you all had a fun and safe Independence Day! Yesterday was a ton of fun and full of great memories! Thats one of the big reasons I love having my blog as one big journal that people actually get to read is because I can look back on memories for so many years to come! These shorts are so fun and so festive, but also great for all of summer! You aren’t limited to terribly bad on what you can and can’t wear! I have really been getting into DIY lately so next is a cake I got the idea from Pinterest, but added my own twist! 

This cake was so easy and fun to make! It was a huge hit with everyone that was over! You don’t have to do this just for the 4th it could work for any holiday or birthdays! Here’s what you’ll need…

  1. White cake mix! You’ll need to get two box’s since this is a two layer cake!
  2. Butter cream icing! Now you don’t have to use buttercream but i’m not an icing person, but I could eat a whole tube of buttercream…I’m totally kidding haha!
  3. Red and Glitter sprinkles! A good tip my momma gave me on how to get the sprinkles on the sides without wasting a bunch is putting it on the palm of your hand and blowing, It will then stick to the icing!
  4. For the star I had my grandma draw a star on a note card and the I cut it out and pressed it just a little bit into the cake and then went crazy with the sprinkles!
  5. Then all you need is some festive treats to place around the cake, you don’t have to do this but i’m just a little extra so I thought it was very necessary!

BTW I am not in anyway a pro or think i’m a master at DIY I just think it’s fun and something to help relieve any stress!

This is my second dessert treat I made It was so amazing and a huge dupe for a real s’more! This was so so easy to make!! Heres what you need to know…

  1. Get the regular size marshmallows and start by lining them all over the bottom of the pan!
  2. Then place one layer of chocolate on top of the bottom marshmallows!
  3. Next you want to pack on top of the chocolate more marshmallows!
  4. Preheat the oven to 400 and leave in there for 5 minutes!
  5. Now break up some graham crackers and you’re ready to enjoy your s’mores dip!


Thank you so much for reading!

Quote of the Week:

” Your speed doesn’t matter forward is forward.”


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