| Jeans: Bought at Zara, SimilarSimilar/Less Expensive  | Shirt: WHBM |

Vest: WHBM | Shoes: Francescas | Purse: Valentino |

What a week! This week has been filled with a lot…good and bad! First, My favorite show ever that I have literally watched since I was 10 years old ended and i’m sure everyone knows what i’m talking about! Pretty Little Liars, I know what some of the PLL haters will say “did you really wait 8 years to find out who A is?” and “That show is not good I stopped after season one!” The second one is my favorite that I hear from people lol! This show was honestly amazing and you can’t have a real opinion about it if you just watched 2 seasons; the show just kept getting better and the story line got more intense and the girls honestly became such powerful women!

Now i’ll move on since I know not everyone is a pll fan like me AKA i’m still in mourning about it ANYWAYS, this outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to stay comfortable and have a professional look to them! I wore this today shopping up in Fort Worth my my family and it was super easy and comfortable while hitting about 10 different places! We are decorating my new room up in Fort Worth and I absolutely love it so far! I’ll have a room tour coming soon! Also how cute are these new Prive sunnies?

Thank you so much for reading! How is your dorm shopping coming along? Or  any new house reno?

Quote of the Week:

“There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.”


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