Top 5 Summer Essentials


IMG_5474Happy Humpday babes!! Hopefully y’all are all having a great week full of relaxation, lots of fruit, and a ton of sun! I had a fun pool day relaxing on my blow up swan and shaved ice, talk about a relaxing day! So I thought it would be perfect since i’m in my summertime feels to create my Summer 2017 Wishlist!  So here it is and hopefully y’all get some inspiration for the perfect summer…

  1. The Nordstrom One piece – So I typically am not one to splurge on swimwear, but this summer I really wanted to and this tab has been sitting on my computer, I just don’t think I could do it! So I always try to find dupes for my favorite swimwear so I found this one that makes me almost just as happy haha!
  2. The Summer Sunnies – I don’t know if i’m biased to this sunglass brand because I listen to Most Girl by Hailee Steinfeld every time I get in my car or maybe it’s because I am the absolute biggest Pretty Little Liars fan and Hanna Marin AKA Ashley Benson is my style inspiration! Whatever it is I think these glasses are so cute and super affordable, which is great so everyone can have a chance to own of the many different types! I’ll definitely be ordering these soon! P.S. they are on Amazon!!!
  3. The Ultimate Pool Float – This is the best pool float I have ever owned and price wise it’s such a good deal comparing it to Urban or other places who try to sell it for double! You can catch anyone in my house on this at any point in the day! I think my dad is the most in love with it LOL!
  4. The Easy to Wear Florals – I am as well as everyone else obsessing over the florals this season, and most of all I love the dresses that are so easy to wear and you can just throw on and they will always look good! I really need to go into Francescas and try this on because I seriously love everything about it!
  5. The Go-To Tennis Shoe – Typically I wake up and throw on and tshirt and shorts and go run my morning errands and then get home around 10:30-11 and get ready for my actual day of errands, lunch dates, and just life! I really love these shoes and want but don’t really need new shoes but hey a girl can dream!


Hopefully y’all enjoyed this post and take this weekend to enjoy yourselves! I am doing a giveaway with Sassafras boutique on the gram so if you haven’t seen that then go check it out, my insta is hailey_sewell! I can’t wait to see who the winnners are!! Talk soon loves! Lots of love!!

Quote of the Week:

” Don’t trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar.”


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