Perfect Summer Romper



| Romper: Zara | Shoes: Similar | Purse: Valentino |


Hello babes! First, we need to talk about this romper/dress and how its perfect for summer and you need it in your closet! So when I first picked it up a week ago at Zara I thought it was an adorable baby doll dress, but wasn’t sold immediately! When I tried it on and realized that its actually a romper but looks like a dress I was like this is my favorite thing I own( totally kidding my purse is LOL) anyways then I found that it has pockets and I about had a heart attack! I practically live in this dress since its so comfy and has so much movement to it!

This week i’m heading up to Dallas to go start moving some stuff up there and paint an accent wall in my future room which i’m so excited about! I’m doing all white and light grey with little blush pink/dusty rose accents in it! I love my room that I have right now, but I can’t wait for a more minimalistic room that I can transition over the years! Also on Wednesday I will be doing another giveaway with an amazing boutique and we will have THREE WINNERS!!! I’m so excited for that!

So I finally got my blogging schedule down that works best with everything else I have going on! So I am going to start posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until I have more time that opens up and then I will post everyday except weekends! See y’all Wednesday and hope y’all have a great week! Lots of love!!

Quote of the Week:

” Don’t trust what you see, even salt looks like sugar.”


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