Mini Series: Local Ladies + #girlboss


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Haley Wesbrook Owner of Sassafrass Boutique IMG_5437

Outfit Details:

| TX Tshirt: Sassafras  |Katy TX Tshirt: Sassafras | KTX Hat: Sassafras | Shorts: Zara |


Yesterday I got the chance to meet with a local lady, someone living yet still chasing her dream, I got to meet Haley Wesbrooks! She is a 23 year old, University of Arkansas grad who is killing the girlboss game! She is the owner and inspiration behind local online boutique Sassafras! I have gotten the chance over the past couple of weeks to meet with several local ladies who are chasing/living their dreams! After shooting emails back in forth with Haley discussing a collaboration between HEH and Sassafras, we met up to shoot some pics for our upcoming project! She is kind-hearted, passionate, and capable of anything, which are extremely important characteristics in the world of being an entrepreneur!

After Graduating from Arkansas with a degree in communications for the simple fact of having flexibility in her career path; Haley moved back to Katy post graduation with the intention of opening up her online boutique Sassafras! Shes always had a strong backbone and family and friends to rely on, whether its her fíance Ross, Family friend Emily, or her parents! She hopes to see herself owning an adorable charm filled boutique that is filled with unique pieces to fit every individual personality that walks through the door! Sassafras is a fun and memorable name that sticks with you just like Haleys Tshirt line that is made from the softest/most comfy material!

I enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Haley and get to meet someone similar to myself! She proves that if you are on the verge of wanting to start something whether its a blog, youtube channel, online store, etc. Go for it! Don’t let what people may say scare you into turning away from a dream! I recently binge watched the netflix show Girlboss, if you have ever heard about the Online clothing store Nasty Gal or the book #Girlboss then you may already know Sophia Amoruso! The show is about this 23 year old who steals and sells vintage clothes on Ebay and well I don’t want to spoil anything, but I definitely recommend watching the 13 episode show!

Yesterday I saw Wonder Woman and omg talk about an empowering movie that makes you feel like you can do anything, thats the movie to get creativity flowing! I just fell in love with the empowerment that all three of these women have brought to be in one week; Haley Wesbrooks showing that any local lady can make their dreams a reality, Sophia Amoruso proving to not let haters bring you down, and Gal Gadot AKA wonder woman I mean just go see the movie and you’ll understand why I am so obsessed!

Sorry this post was so long, I just had soooo much to talk about! Well now y’all have a lot to do…go online shopping, go watch netflix, and go see Wonder Woman LOL! Don’t forget to enter my Lush Giveaway I talked about in my last post! Have a great weekend ladies and I’ll see y’all soon!!

Quote of the week:

“We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. We can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”





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