Summer Pool Day Sweets + GIVEAWAY


My total for all of this was about $10, make sure you get big cookies and not the mini ones or if you don’t feel like baking them then just buy pre made cookies, either will work! Dylan wanted chocolate and I wanted cookies and creme thats why we have two different ones!IMG_5421

After the cookies have taken from the oven make sure to let them cool for 10 minutes, you don’t want them to be warm at all or it will make the ice cream melt before you can enjoy!IMG_5424

I found the best way to be just scooping it out, I saw on Pinterest the cut through the tub, but it was a lot easier and not as messy!IMG_5420

I only did one scoop, but you are more then welcome to put as much or as little as you want!IMG_5425

After I put the other cookie on I started to squeeze both cookies together to form the ice cream how I needed it to be!IMG_5423


I found it easier then rolling it in the sprinkles to just use your hands to put as little or as much sprinkles you may want on your ice cream!IMG_5426

Hello Summer Babes! I recently gave in and bought a blow up swan float from amazon that I will link here, back to what I was saying, I have literally been living on my swan! It can’t be a pool day without fruit, but lately I have had a huge sweet tooth so I went to the only place to find what I was looking for…Pinterest! I found this recipe and though it was so cute and easy and just how perfect! Today I decided to venture out and try something new and fun! It was really yummy and really messy so much sure to have a napkin and a plate close by!


Now to the exciting part!!! My next giveaway, this is a LUSH bath bombs giveaway for you to have a  chance to win 4 bath bombs and whatever BFF you choose to tag will win a 1 bath bomb!! All winners!!! Here are the rules on how to win and it will also be posted on my Instagram so check that out as well! The contest will end 06.12.17 at 8 AM!

  1. Make sure you’re following my Instagram @hailey_sewell
  2. Like my most recent Instagram picture
  3. DM me a picture of you and your BFF

Love you all so much and hopefully y’all had a great Friday jr. and an even better weekend!!


Quote of the week:

“We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. We can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day.”


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