Grad Party Tips & Tricks + Life Update


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| Maxi Dress: Francescas |

Long time no see!!! I feel like the biggest loser since I haven’t blogged in several days, but I promise this week will get back to normal! Anyways HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! First off, Thank you to anyone and everyone who fights for our country, we are forever indebted to you! Since its grad season and I understand the stress of putting a grad party together, I thought it would be perfect for you all to give my best advice on how to have a successful party!

  1. Plan Ahead!!! It took a month just for my cake to be ready, but I absolutely love the place that did it! When it comes to food make sure to get an idea of how many people you will be feeding, if its come and go(which is what I had) or sit down/formal! Figure out what colors you want, if it will be your future school colors or something more like your personality!
  2. Food- For my party I had a huge variety for all types of people! I put Dylan and Andrew on sandwich duty, which meant they cut the crust off of 3 loafs of bread and made little finger sandwichs(best boyfriends award?) Both my grandmas made the pinwheels shown above which were a huge hit, and are my new summer snack for sure! Desert is huge to me so I had Target specially make super cute flower cupcakes which I totally recommend because they aren’t bad in price and really good!
  3. Color scheme- To me I am super girly and chic so thats exactly what my party had to resemble, if you are die hard for your university then go with that and Pinterest has some really cute ideas on each individual school!
  4. Get extra hands- Ask family to help you! We made all of the food the day of and everyone had an assignment/project to get done! Now we aren’t perfect and Ashlyn and I did have to go to 8 different places in an hour and a half LOL since we forgot little things! Take charge and get everything done at least the day before!
  5. Fun Projects- I am super big on quotes and advice so I put out a box and asked for people to write me advice for my future and I absolutely loved every bit of it and cherish what everyone said so much! I also printed out a picture of one of my senior pictures and had people write messages going around it! You don’t have to use those exact things, but Pinterest has some really great ideas that are similar!

Hopefully that helped my party planners out, and I hope y’alls partys go off without a hitch! Exciting news!! Tomorrow is my last day of high school! Thats crazy to think this Sunday I will be graduated from high school and off to Fort Worth! I have a question for everyone who is interested, I am thinking of starting my own online boutique, clothes that represents a strong, chic, city girl! If any of y’all would be interested please feel free to reach out to me with any opinions! Have a great week everyone! Since I had my friends leave me advice I thought I would turn one into a quote of the week! Talk soon loves!

Quote of the week:

“Stay Strong and Humble.”


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