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TGIF beautiful people!!!

So since today I am leaving out for a fun family weekend The next time i post won’t be until Monday or Tuesday! I can’t wait to catch y’all up, and share a bunch of #ootd. So if you’re anything like me you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is read blogs or watch make up videos while eating breakfast…or am I the only one that does that haha? Since I will be gone I thought it would be fun to give some shout outs to the women online that inspire me the most!

Fashion Bloggers

Lauren Conrad: I mean come on this girl is the total package am I right or am I right? She has been on TV since she was 17 years old, having her entire life broadcasted, and yet she always stayed very humble and super relatable. She isn’t the only one that runs her blog of course, but everyone on her team is amazing. She has two clothing lines incase you wanted to check those out; Paper Crown is a more contemporary line of LC’s and on the pricer side, but she gets us all thats why she also has LC Lauren Conrad which is so affordable and has some really great pieces. Definitely check her out on her blog.

Katey Mcfarlan: She is sooo relatable!! She lives in Fort worth with her husband and newborn baby and they are seriously so freakin cute! I just adore her! I always read her blog while chowin down on some froot loops in the morning! She honestly makes me laugh and I just feel like she is very real, nothing is photoshopped to look perfect! Completely raw about her life which I love because we all have stress/bad hair days haha. Go read her blog!

Peyton Baxter: I very recently found her through social media, and guys…she is literally me 5 years in the future! If you like reading my blog then you will be addicted to hers! She seems so sweet and 100% down to earth! She gives such amazing advice and styling tips, which I am all about learning more on how to change things up and she really has an eye for this business.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, love y’all and have fun!!

Quote of the week:

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening it just stops you from enjoying the good.”


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