How to Grad in 4 Steps


TGIF AM I RIGHT?!?! Hopefully this weekend is a fun and enjoyable weekend! The next four weeks are about to get so eventful…Every weekend I have something whether its going to Dallas for a job interview, my sisters Graduation, or prom etc. Like i said theres a lot. So this post is really dedicated to my incoming seniors, but I also have some advice for my fellow Grads on how to not pull your hair out for the next few weeks.

Graduation Pictures

       Get them done early!! Now I don’t mean get them done in september, we all know how that will turn out! You change so much in your physical appearance in 7 months. The best time to get them done would be February or March. You will still like your photos when graduation comes, and have enough time to get your grad party invites and announcements ready and sent out to everyone you know.

Prom shopping

        This is sooo exciting!! Have fun with it and make it an event! In my family its Go Big or Go Home, so we make everything an event. We went all the way to Dallas which is 5 hours from us just so my sister could be apart of it all. We had brunch, went shopping, and had a great girls weekend. Maybe your family doesn’t see it like mine then grab some girlfriends and try on a dozen dresses. Don’t stress if you don’t find the dress on the first try, and also don’t settle just because you “kinda” like a dress or all your friends have one and you want one too.

Planning a Grad Party

           I am a big planner when it comes to literally anything! I love the stress of planning( I know that sounds so weird), but I do! I am people pleaser and planner so I stress myself out to make sure everyone else is happy. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is if you’re anything like me then admit that you need help, because trust me you can’t do it yourself. A few things you need to stay on top of is…Have so much food that you will still have left overs 3 months later, Order your cake a month in advance and know that not EVERYONE will eat cake so if you invite 80 you don’t need to get a cake for 80, and DIY what you can…I will be preparing all my food and doing my own decorations.

Don’t stress

             This is a crazy time for everyone! We all are trying to keep it together one day at a time, and I have to tell myself everyday “Hailey, everything that is happening is GREAT, so stop stressing!!” Just remember how lucky you’re to get to go to prom, to graduate from high school or college, and to have supportive people in your life that want the very best for you.

I love you all!! Have a wonderful weekend, and If you have any specific posts, advice, or just wanna chat then email me, I would love to hear from all of you!!


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