Life lately

Outfit Details: 
Top: Francescas | Jacket: Sold Out, Similar |
Jeans: Runway Seven | Shoes: Sold Out, Similar |
Purse: More Selection 
Happy Tuesday!! This has always been my most desired day of the week, because my favorite show that I have dedicated 8 years of my life to comes on on Tuesdays. Pretty Little Liars which is hands down my show even though all my friends can’t stand it LOL. So anyways, with senior year coming to a close in a few short weeks I have a lot of things I still need to wrap up. The thing I’m looking forward to is prom. I can’t wait for y’all to see my dress. I’m channeling old hollywood glamour with red lips and winged eye liner. 
I bought some clothes off of a really REALLY inexpensive website called (no this is not sponsored) It is really hit or miss, I ordered 5 items and love them all, but one which is pretty good in my book. I will do a post soon on everything I bought and how i feel about it and more details. Soon I will also be doing a giveaway so watch out for that!!
So some exciting news I will be an affiliate for the company Wrapped. By Sav. I know Savannah from School, she graduated a few years ahead of me. I remember her starting a blog and I was totally impressed because honestly the only people that really have your back is your family, and I’m sure people pretend to be nice to my face and talk about me or my blog when my back is turned. But hey thats life! She started her own jewelry company and she is booming! I’m so happy to have the chance to work with her. 
ALSO, I have a job interview lined up in 2 weeks for a boutique up in Fort Worth that I’m super excited about! If everything goes well y’all will know immediately! So on top of that I have so many “senior things” I have to do this month so its getting pretty crazy, but when is life just calm, normal, or relaxing? If you answered 50% of the time then can we switch for the day? LOL 
I hope you all have a great rest of your week and thanks so much! xoxo
Quote of the week:
“You’re not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You’re always growing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.”


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