Festival Season Essentials

Top: Forever 21Similar | Overalls: Similar |

Bandana: Francescas | Sunglasses: Ray bans
Happy festival season!! Since today is the first day of Coachella AKA the start of festival season, I thought it would be fun to do an inexpensive, “flower child” outfit. Seriously wishing i was in Palm Springs and listening to Lorde right about now. So, if you’re planning to take on the festival scene then here are some key essentials to make sure you grab before heading on your adventure. Don’t forget your glitter!! Some great stores to look into that have some great outfit pieces are Urban OutfittersFree PeopleAnthropologie, and Runway Seven

 1. Stay hydrated! Make sure a few days before you drink tons of water, most of the time at festivals they charge an absurd amount for a mini water bottle. So a lot of people end up getting so dehydrated. Do your research and if you’re aloud to bring a water pack in then definitely invest in one, and if not make sure to stay really hydrated before and during. 

2. One word: Hair ties! Of course, everyone wants to have their luscious locks full of waves, but putting your hair up( like how i have above) will save your life with the hot sun beating down. If you HAVE to have your hair down then make sure to have a hair tie to pull your hair back. Trust me you’ll need it.
 3. Protect your feet! I know I know you probably just got a pedi and super cute gladiator sandals, but the last thing you want is for everyone to be stepping on your feet. I would take my word for it and invest in some cool tennis shoes\slide ons, to not just protect your feet but you will be able to stand\dance all night long. 

4. Now your actual outfit! Obviously, your outfit has to be 100%!!! Overalls are extremely easy because you have so many pockets and they will stay up all day. Pair any top with overalls, and it will be absolutely perfect. 
5. Of course, HAVE FUN!! Most importantly be safe and have the time of your life. You’re only young once, so get all dressed up and stay comfy\cute, go out with all your girlfriends and have a great night listening to amazing music. 
  I hope this helped anyone who is going to any music festivals over the next few months…If you’re wondering what’s coming up soon i’ll list some big festivals down below. Have a great weekend and Thanks for reading! 😊
Austin City Limits: Oct 6-8, Oct 13-15  Austin, TX

Beale Street Music Festival: May 5-7  Memphis, TN

Bonnaroo: June 8-11  Manchester, TN

Bottle Rock: May 26-28  Napa Valley, CA

Bumbershoot: Sep 1-3  Seattle, WA

The Basics: April 22-23  Dallas, TX

        XO hailey

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