Spring Date Night Outfit

Jeans: American EagleDupe | Shoes: Same dupe Valentino | 
Happy Thursday Love! Since the weekend is approaching I thought it would be useful to most to create a Spring date night look. Today Dylan and I spent the whole day together doing some of our favorite things like going to the actual movie theater, getting breakfast, and just being able to hangout since the past few weeks have been pretty hectic on my end that i haven’t seen him as much. Next Wednesday will be 9 months of us dating and no we aren’t one of those couples that celebrate every month on the date, but with how little we’ve seen each other we decided to go out to a nice restaurant, so i’m most likely going to wear this. 
When it comes to a date night your style for the night can vary so much. Trust me i love a good nike and T-shirt date night, but every once in a while its nice to play dress up. This outfit is so versatile, and thats a big reason why i depend on these pieces. Kick off the heels and throw on some sandals and you have an easy school day outfit. I’m personally such a heel and wedge girl, I look forward to the weekend so i can walk around town in heels. I think i get the “heel-lover” gene from my Nan she seriously wears heels every.single.day. I hope when i get into the work world i love wearing heels as much as she does because i’m pretty sure 99% of the female race count down the minutes until they can kick their heels off in their car after work. 
These jeans are seriously the most comfortable jeans i own. They are probably the best quality pair i have ever purchased from AE. If you’re on the search for a good pair of jeans, but don’t want AE then trust me when i tell you the best place that makes jeans is by far Zara. Zara has cute stuff 24\7, but their jeans are so comfy and cute. 
Disclosure* This post is for EVERYONE! If you don’t have a boyfriend then call up your Carrie and Samantha(SITC reference) and go out with your girlfriends, you don’t need a man to go on a date!
So on that note, I hope you all have a super fun weekend & treat yourselves! 😊

                             XO hailey

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