Dressing for Easter

   Easter is right around the corner like seriously its in 5 days! When it comes to Easter and my family its a big deal that us girls always have an Easter dress. Since my sisters are in college we wait and go shopping at the very last minute like friday and saturday. I love the spring season mainly because of the colors that spring time brings. My go-to color shades and most of my closet consist of blush pink, white, and blues. I love Easter for so many reasons, mainly because of the reason we have Easter to begin with. The story of Jesus dying on the cross will always be something that truly touches me above all else. I enjoy being with my entire family and going to church and listening to the word of God. 
    I’m so ecstatic to see both my sisters and to spend time with them. Something fun i’m planning for the girls of the family(sorry boys) and something easy to do with your family is simply arts & crafts. Now, the key to do arts & crafts is the less complicated the better. Simple things like dying easter eggs, printing out an easter-themed picture off of google and buying some canvas and paint and having everyone paint it in their own unique way, and egg shaped rice krispies. Enjoy and take advantage of your time this weekend with family and the Lord. 
Dressing for Easter 101
1. Obviously, you can wear whatever makes you feel the best about yourself, but remember this is spring at its fullest so pink, yellow, white, and blues and all very appropriate when it comes to Easter. Also if you live in Texas it could be cold and rainy on Easter and 80 degrees on Christmas eve. So if you live in a place where the weather is bipolar then watch that and plan accordingly. 
2. Keep it light and airy this is no time to wear your new dress you plan to wear to the club the following weekend. Im sure that dress is super cute, but make sure to stay classy and conservative when it comes to holidays like this.
3. Some great places to look at last minute dresses that wont disappoint or break your bank are Francescas, White House Black Market, and Runway Seven. Now some other great places to check out would be Anthropologie, Free people, and even Nordstroms.
I hope everyone has a safe and humbling Easter weekend! 

  XO hailey                                                                                                                       
Outfit Details

Dress one: Runway Seven

Shoes: Francescas 

Dress two: Francescas

Shoes: Missguided 

Dress three: White House Black Market
Shoes: Missguided

Purse: Louis Vuitton 

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