First post & A little about me

   Welcome!!! I’m extremely excited to share my knowledge in fashion with all of you! It is currently 11:44 PM on a Friday night, and i have been wanting to blog for honestly a few years now. I know you’re probably like, if you wanted to do it then whats taken so long? Honestly, its society. Everyone judges you when you think or do anything “outside the box”. People will make sure you don’t succeed, and i’m so conflicted when i think about if its a good or bad thing that the only person you can always end up pleasing is yourself. I’m personally a people pleaser, and want EVERYONE around me to be happy. I have really come to terms with the fact that its impossible to please everyone. I try to make sure everyone that is there for me when i need them is always happy, but when it comes to the people that just want to disrupt my life, i realized that at the end of the day i need to make myself happy. So, i’m sure you’re thinking so…how does that have anything to do with fashion LOL.

    Fashion is a huge part of my life. I love keeping up with the trends, textures, and colors coming up in each season. When i see the prediction for the next season i go and buy it before the $40 jeans turn into $80 jeans. For example, i wore a patched and embroidered skirt to school at the beginning of the year and i got a lot of compliments and a lot of WTF looks from people in my school. Finally! Embroidery is every where and i can guarantee the girls that gave me dirty looks for my skirt have something similar now. To the make up part of my life…About a year ago i started watching a MUA on youtube and anyone who watches beauty gurus will know her. Jaclyn Hill. She changed my life. Her story is amazing and everything she has accomplished in 4 years is incredible. I didn’t understand make up until i watched her and now i love it and i’m addicted.

     Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. I am a senior in high school, graduating in 2 months, and i was supposed to leave my home of 18 years, Texas, for the University of Mississippi, but instead i have decided to defer my first year and live in dallas with both my sisters and attend a college up there(Ashley graduating this may and Ashlyn graduating next may) We haven’t been able to be as close since they have been in college, and this will be a great way to get back to our old selves and have family time so much more! I am extremely excited and can’t wait for the future and to see what path God has laid out for me!

XO hailey

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