How to Grad in 4 Steps


TGIF AM I RIGHT?!?! Hopefully this weekend is a fun and enjoyable weekend! The next four weeks are about to get so eventful…Every weekend I have something whether its going to Dallas for a job interview, my sisters Graduation, or prom etc. Like i said theres a lot. So this post is really dedicated to my incoming seniors, but I also have some advice for my fellow Grads on how to not pull your hair out for the next few weeks.

Graduation Pictures

       Get them done early!! Now I don’t mean get them done in september, we all know how that will turn out! You change so much in your physical appearance in 7 months. The best time to get them done would be February or March. You will still like your photos when graduation comes, and have enough time to get your grad party invites and announcements ready and sent out to everyone you know.

Prom shopping

        This is sooo exciting!! Have fun with it and make it an event! In my family its Go Big or Go Home, so we make everything an event. We went all the way to Dallas which is 5 hours from us just so my sister could be apart of it all. We had brunch, went shopping, and had a great girls weekend. Maybe your family doesn’t see it like mine then grab some girlfriends and try on a dozen dresses. Don’t stress if you don’t find the dress on the first try, and also don’t settle just because you “kinda” like a dress or all your friends have one and you want one too.

Planning a Grad Party

           I am a big planner when it comes to literally anything! I love the stress of planning( I know that sounds so weird), but I do! I am people pleaser and planner so I stress myself out to make sure everyone else is happy. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is if you’re anything like me then admit that you need help, because trust me you can’t do it yourself. A few things you need to stay on top of is…Have so much food that you will still have left overs 3 months later, Order your cake a month in advance and know that not EVERYONE will eat cake so if you invite 80 you don’t need to get a cake for 80, and DIY what you can…I will be preparing all my food and doing my own decorations.

Don’t stress

             This is a crazy time for everyone! We all are trying to keep it together one day at a time, and I have to tell myself everyday “Hailey, everything that is happening is GREAT, so stop stressing!!” Just remember how lucky you’re to get to go to prom, to graduate from high school or college, and to have supportive people in your life that want the very best for you.

I love you all!! Have a wonderful weekend, and If you have any specific posts, advice, or just wanna chat then email me, I would love to hear from all of you!!


Life lately

Outfit Details: 
Top: Francescas | Jacket: Sold Out, Similar |
Jeans: Runway Seven | Shoes: Sold Out, Similar |
Purse: More Selection 
Happy Tuesday!! This has always been my most desired day of the week, because my favorite show that I have dedicated 8 years of my life to comes on on Tuesdays. Pretty Little Liars which is hands down my show even though all my friends can’t stand it LOL. So anyways, with senior year coming to a close in a few short weeks I have a lot of things I still need to wrap up. The thing I’m looking forward to is prom. I can’t wait for y’all to see my dress. I’m channeling old hollywood glamour with red lips and winged eye liner. 
I bought some clothes off of a really REALLY inexpensive website called (no this is not sponsored) It is really hit or miss, I ordered 5 items and love them all, but one which is pretty good in my book. I will do a post soon on everything I bought and how i feel about it and more details. Soon I will also be doing a giveaway so watch out for that!!
So some exciting news I will be an affiliate for the company Wrapped. By Sav. I know Savannah from School, she graduated a few years ahead of me. I remember her starting a blog and I was totally impressed because honestly the only people that really have your back is your family, and I’m sure people pretend to be nice to my face and talk about me or my blog when my back is turned. But hey thats life! She started her own jewelry company and she is booming! I’m so happy to have the chance to work with her. 
ALSO, I have a job interview lined up in 2 weeks for a boutique up in Fort Worth that I’m super excited about! If everything goes well y’all will know immediately! So on top of that I have so many “senior things” I have to do this month so its getting pretty crazy, but when is life just calm, normal, or relaxing? If you answered 50% of the time then can we switch for the day? LOL 
I hope you all have a great rest of your week and thanks so much! xoxo
Quote of the week:
“You’re not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You’re always growing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.”


DFW in a day

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Jacket: Similar | Shoes: White House Black Market | 
Happy Sunday everyone!! I hope you all have made it a great weekend!
This past Thursday night I headed up with my mom and grandma to DFW to see my sister and go on a college tour. I don’t know about y’all but when we say we are leaving at 3 that turns into 4, what can I say we can never leave on time.😐

    Anyhow, after trying to get 4 women ready in a house with no good lighting LOL we made it out and headed to Fort Worth. We stopped for breakfast at the coolest little place called Press Café. If you ever find yourself in Fort Worth at brunch time, give the cafe a visit. You wont regret it. After we finished our delicious breakfast and “hydrating” mimosas😉 We headed out towards my new home. I never thought I would stay in Texas for college, but all that changed 2 weeks ago. So we went and met with some people in admissions and went for a tour…let me just say I fell in love. This is such a better fit, even though I did love Ole Miss. I got such a good feeling about the campus and the city of Fort Worth.

After a long morning and early afternoon of driving all around we decided to head into Dallas for dinner. My sisters boyfriend lives there and he just moved into a new apartment so we had to go make sure it was up to par, and let me just say this apartment complex is the cutest with the best amenities. I mean I was about to sign a lease LOL. We went to an Italian restaurant called Villa-O, and it was really good. I’m a sucker when it comes to free bread at restaurants so of course I gave it a  10 in my book.

At the end of the day I LOVED DFW! It was such a perfect fit for me, but its crazy to think i’ll be there in just 3 short months. I can’t wait to explore more about both cities and make them my home.
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me genuinely!

Quote of the week:
“You’re not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. You’re always growing. Experiences don’t stop. That’s life.”


Trend Alert: Floral & Fan leaves

Outfit Details:
Two piece set: Runway Seven | Shoes: Karl LagerfeldSimilar |
Purse: Similar Prada |
   Happy Friday Jr. Everyone!!! I am seriously counting down the days until Graduation, Summer really can’t come fast enough. With a very busy next few weeks months ahead I am trying to keep everything clear and organized in my life right now. Tonight I am in Dallas, TX for a college visit that will take place tomorrow that you all will hear more about in the next few days.😉
   Now onto what we all really care about…Fashion and its latest trends. I’m sure by now everyone can tell that floral is soooo in right now, as well as fan-palm leafs. I love both trends because i have really girly moments and really edgy moments. Floral is girly while the fan leaves stays on the edge-y side, and also kinda hard to pull off. Since I appreciate both trends in different ways, but still like to not be soooo basic; this combo is perfect. It’s perfect for spring and summer. It’s super feminine right now, but perfect for your summer vacay to the beach. 
   I chose to dress it up for my worker girls. If you don’t have a strict dress code for work then wear it as is or you can always pen it and wear it to an interview or strict office setting. This is even great for summer date nights or drinks with your girls. I can’t wait to take advantage of splitting up the pieces and also just keeping them together. I love this buy and I know I will be getting so much use out of this purchase. 
Tomorrow is friday so i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Maybe take the time to have “me” time and just kick back and relax!! See you all soon xoxo💋

My Easter Sunday

My Mom, Ashlyn, Me, Ashley, My Dad

Outfit Details:
My Moms outfit: Skirt | Top | Shoes
Ashlyns outfit: Similar Dress | Shoes
My outfit: Similar Dress | Shoes Sold out, Similar
Ashleys outfit: Similar Dress 
  My Easter was extremely enjoyable, full of love and family. We attended Easter service at Second Baptist church which we have been members of for 16 years. After a genuine and joyful sermon spoken by Dr. Ed Young, we went and stuffed ourselves with seriously the best brunch you will ever have. I know this is a random place but for the past 4-5 years we have been going to the Omni Hotel for Easter Brunch. Which when I say brunch I mean breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.
  Afterwards we had “family only time” where we made fun deserts and watched my dads favorite show American Ninja Warrior. My mom made us the cutest baskets which consisted of everything i love including candles, chocolate, and jewelry plates. After a long but fun day Ashlyn made us all a home cooked meal to end the day well. 
  Going back to school on monday was i’m sure just as torturous for me as it was for the rest of you. Now trying to get back into the swing of things can be a little exhausting. This thursday I leave for Dallas to attend to some exciting stuff. There will be a post up this weekend on that small little day trip. Check back thursday for my outfit haul post from Runway Seven, Francescas, and White House Black Market. 
Have a great week everyone!!! 
P.S. The cute dog above is Ashlyns dog cooper🐶
Quote of the week: “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.”

    ♡ Lovie

OOTD: Saturdays are for the girls

Jeans: Zara | Top: Similar |
Necklace: Similar | Watch: Michael Kors | 
Shoes: Sold Out, Similar | Purse: Prada | 
    Hello friends! My saturday was completely crazy, but still totally fun. I am such a morning person, even on the weekends I’m up at 7 AM ready for my day. My sisters Ashlyn and Ashley came in Friday night. So Saturday was our day, Once Ashlyn was up we went to do the typical girl stuff. You know pedicures, spray tans, the usual LOL. You know the saying “When it rains it pours” well the past 2 weeks it’s felt like a hurricane. On my way to the pedicure I got some not so good news to go with the rest of my chaotic life. After stopping at the first nail salon, and having a not so friendly receptionist, we decided to go to a smaller, whole in the wall nail salon that did a good job. 
   After our spray tan we decided to do what we do best. Shopping. We stopped by our favorite places to shop at in La Centerra. Runway Seven, Francescas, and White House Black Market. I will do a shopping haul on everything I got from those places in a later post. Runway Seven is probably my favorite place in our outdoor mall. They have such a variety that can go with all age groups, and personalities. The prices are reasonable at all three of these shops. 
   Later on that evening we did a girls paint party. We looked up pictures of flowers in a field, and each put our own twist on it. It was tons of fun, and we all came out of it with different paintings, lots of laughter, and a sweet memory. I appreciate my girls more then anything, and they’re truly my best friends. I will be posting all about my Easter Sunday. Food, Family, and Fashion! 
 I hope everyone has had a blessed Easter weekend! 
Quote of the week: “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.” 

Festival Season Essentials

Top: Forever 21Similar | Overalls: Similar |

Bandana: Francescas | Sunglasses: Ray bans
Happy festival season!! Since today is the first day of Coachella AKA the start of festival season, I thought it would be fun to do an inexpensive, “flower child” outfit. Seriously wishing i was in Palm Springs and listening to Lorde right about now. So, if you’re planning to take on the festival scene then here are some key essentials to make sure you grab before heading on your adventure. Don’t forget your glitter!! Some great stores to look into that have some great outfit pieces are Urban OutfittersFree PeopleAnthropologie, and Runway Seven

 1. Stay hydrated! Make sure a few days before you drink tons of water, most of the time at festivals they charge an absurd amount for a mini water bottle. So a lot of people end up getting so dehydrated. Do your research and if you’re aloud to bring a water pack in then definitely invest in one, and if not make sure to stay really hydrated before and during. 

2. One word: Hair ties! Of course, everyone wants to have their luscious locks full of waves, but putting your hair up( like how i have above) will save your life with the hot sun beating down. If you HAVE to have your hair down then make sure to have a hair tie to pull your hair back. Trust me you’ll need it.
 3. Protect your feet! I know I know you probably just got a pedi and super cute gladiator sandals, but the last thing you want is for everyone to be stepping on your feet. I would take my word for it and invest in some cool tennis shoes\slide ons, to not just protect your feet but you will be able to stand\dance all night long. 

4. Now your actual outfit! Obviously, your outfit has to be 100%!!! Overalls are extremely easy because you have so many pockets and they will stay up all day. Pair any top with overalls, and it will be absolutely perfect. 
5. Of course, HAVE FUN!! Most importantly be safe and have the time of your life. You’re only young once, so get all dressed up and stay comfy\cute, go out with all your girlfriends and have a great night listening to amazing music. 
  I hope this helped anyone who is going to any music festivals over the next few months…If you’re wondering what’s coming up soon i’ll list some big festivals down below. Have a great weekend and Thanks for reading! 😊
Austin City Limits: Oct 6-8, Oct 13-15  Austin, TX

Beale Street Music Festival: May 5-7  Memphis, TN

Bonnaroo: June 8-11  Manchester, TN

Bottle Rock: May 26-28  Napa Valley, CA

Bumbershoot: Sep 1-3  Seattle, WA

The Basics: April 22-23  Dallas, TX

        XO hailey